Wadanonomori, Hakuba, Nagano, Japan +81.261725211


When the sun is leaning to the west, please come to the restaurant leading from the hall. While watching the dawn scenery reflected on the window, you can enjoy Western style cuisine using luxuriously selected special carefully selected local produce ingredients.


Western style cuisine

You can enjoy an Western style cuisine at La Neige main building. Stained glass’ s gentle light, the trees of the garden and twigs and swaying trees in the wind. Please enjoy the Western style cuisine with the blessings of nature using locally produced ingredients carefully selected by the chef while feeling out of the season.
We also have various local wines, including authentic Italian and French. After the meal, you can enjoy original dumplings.


Hakuba's forest through the stained glass

La Neige The dining room of the main building, from interior to dish and cutlery, is carefully selected one by one and designed. Looking outside when you sit in a chair, beautiful stained glass colors the outer and inner boundaries. You can relax and enjoy your meal while watching the scenery outside in a calm space every season.


The breakfast of the La Neige main building, which is highly popular with customers, is a chef’s handmade bread, a jam made with Shinshu apples or blueberries. Shinshu fruit juice etc. We are making local fresh ingredients. Wake up in the morning and have a relaxing time in the dining room while watching the vast nature.