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Surrounded by 5000 pyeong forest garden

Hotel La Neige main building is comfortably built in the natural forest of 5000 tsubo. Please try walking a little in the garden of the forest of the Ranage main building. Pretty flowers and rare wild grasses will welcome you.
Small memories that can meet in the spring, summer autumn winter, the beautiful nature of each of the four seasons will come to my mind

Walking through the forest of Hakuba, Wadano

The La Neige main building can enjoy red pine (age 70 to 80 years) of 5000 pyeong and autumn leaves trees (maple, momiji) in Naraki. In the garden ‘s Grand Cover, I spent nearly 20 years moss. Yamano grass and sculptures are arranged in the forest. While staying, you can take a walk, you can relax and unwind while enjoying nature throughout the body with a garden terrace.

Seasonal natural beauty

Hakuba village, there is a way to enjoy it because it is La Neige main building adjacent to the vast forest called Wadano no Mori. In the woods far from the hustle and bustle of the city, there is always silence and fresh air is spreading.
Mountain wild grass in moss in spring to summer, autumn in mountain grass and autumn leaves, in the world of ink painting in winter. The beauty of each season makes director’s time unusual.

Akira Kataoka Photo Gallery

Shooting in spring to autumn at the garden in La Neige

いつも 探りつづけてきた
いつの日か 見失ってしまった時間
いつの日か とぎれてしまった自然




More pictures

Wada Forest from the Room

From the rooms of the La Neige main building you can see the quiet woods spreading extensively with the sunlight of the trees. Please feel unhealthy in the silence. Fresh green trees in spring, trees with autumn red and orange and autumnal leaves in yellow. In winter, opening the curtain, the world like ink painting spreads with further silence there.
Guest Room




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